Dont repeat answers

Ugh this is something that has been annoying the heck out of me lately. Guys, if you are going to reply to a post please read the posts before it. If youre just posting to summarize everyones replies to make yourself look smart or for the +1 to your post count then that is not going to help anyone and all you’re doing is bumping a dead topic. Unless it is an opinion topic where they are asking for your opinion. In which case feel free to give it but IF THEY ASK HOW to do something and someone else has answered with the exact thing you are going to reply with please save us the trouble of having it show up on our new replies section because its really annoying to just see someone post like this

“clean your bearing”
“yes you must screw it in all the way”
“the difference is protostar is bigger”

These are facts which were stated before you posted and do not need to be reiterated by you in fewer words than most use to sign their cheques. It has been eloquently displayed in the 5-6 posts before yours the correct answer to the Original Poster’s question and there is no reason why you should just repeat things.

EXPECIALLY when that is ALL someone does.

That is annoying. Please stop that. There is a reason people who know things answer threads and its not just to have you summarize our knowledge or repeat answers which have already been given.




Thanks for making this, it’s true, we all do this sometimes, me too.

i have to agree in every way, shape, and form. i HATE it when i load a page for 5 seconds (crappy internet… i know…) and then scroll down (also takes a little because of a crappy comp -.-) only to see something like “what everyone else said”

yeah, dont repeat answers. its bad.

haha +1 post one step closer to world domination hehehe

but seriously you have an excellent point they could at least try and mix it up.

Yea guys, don’t just summarize everything above. ;D

But sometimes, I like to have people repeat answers, like more support for something… like deciding on a yoyo or something, but for problems like bearings, I agree with you.

Just awhile ago a saw complaining about this on another thread, but yeah I agree.

Does no one see the irony of everyone’s replies to this thread?


Yeah man, repeating answers is soooo lame, almost as lame as making another thread, in the wrong section, about how people should behave on an online forum when you are not a mod… You see it’s really annoying to see this show up on the new threads of the general yoyo forum when it has nothing to do with yoyo’s at all. There is a “YoYoExpert Site Improvements” section. Could you please use that to whine about the behavior of other users of this forum?


No I would rather put it in a topic meant for discussion. Since this is not meant for site improvement rather than user improvement. Site improvement is for things regarding the forum and website to a technical standpoint, or questions/complaints about rules. This is a psychological thing about people who keep repeating answers in yoyo related threads, and as such it is about the yoyo community, repeating information about yoyos in yoyo threads.

You can argue this belongs in unrelated discussion but it by no means belongs in the technical thread. But since you clearly do not understand the concepts of this forum let me redirect you to another thread so you can learn how to behave properly.