done thanks to all

I am cleaning out the stuff that doesn’t get thrown. I have reached the point in my life where how a yo-yo plays over rules my collection.
So here they are.

Pay Pal is a must

B Grade Essence Near Mint $65
Collabricon First run Tunable vibe $60
FHC large Bearing $20
Higby Profly $15
nice. $75
B grade Eneme slight vibe with marks $40
Battosai Perfume Cloud near mint one bump on hub $80
Epic Near Mint I have thrown it a little bit $90
Modded Bully slight vibe raw marks few flat spots $25
Chem Blast 54 with stunt pegs and Lego attachments Played with a few marks no gouges $100

I will negotiate
All prices include shipping

The only things i am looking for are
Spyy Ronin
Delrin 4A throw
Werrd Split Decision Or Beef