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First BST thread in a long time, but no worries. Not my first rodeo.
Mainly looking to sell, but wants are at the bottom. If my prices are off please let me know.

Bonefire $65
Near mint. I see nothing, but its played a lot. I see nothing wrong.
No Box

G2 Pelican $65
Super smooth. Again, I see no faults, but the guy I got it from said he saw a pinprick. Has box

Hummingbird $85
A really nice throw. Not much else to say. Has a super tiny mark on the rim that wont show up on camera. No box

Titanium yoyos
07 888
Yyr stardust
Yyr stargazer
General yo ministar 2
Sturm Panzer pafka


Ti Vayder


Ill be buying one. Sure would be nice if it had some friends waiting for it :slight_smile:

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I have Luftverk Alpina for 250$


Thanks for the offer, but that shape just turns me off lol

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If I could make payments lol :joy: that’s my other holy of holy throws

Subject change


The magicyoyo K7 comes in purple, is responsive and is metal :smiley: Plus it’s cheap at under $15.

Diameter 56.52 mm
Width 42.25 mm
Weight 65.75 grams


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I love how the spin pad is cracked in the picture


Might be a mold line?

I own Citizen #40

It’s not something I planned on selling but if the right offer came along I think I would.

It’s in mint condition, hardly ever played or taken out of its case.

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20190307_172342 $50 shipped.

Thanks! That magic yo would work. 15$ is hard to beat!

Those are hubstacks, and yeah I can confirm a lot of the less expensive MagicYoYos have hubstack plastic that tends to crack. It’s funny because on the last batch of K1 I got, they included extra hubstacks with every single yo-yo probably because of this… :wink:

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now a bst thread!

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