CHEAP! Some nice YoYos for sale quick. (Tom Kuhn, Token, ...)


I need to sell my beloved collection of YoYos. Or at least part of it.
I’ll be selling the ones that I didn’t like as much or don’t play very often, so it’s not that much of a loss.

All the YoYos I’m offering do NOT have the original Box or any packaging. I might have altered the bearings to concave bearings and the colours of the strings. However, this has always improved the quality.

The price for ALL YoYos together is 75$.

Tom Kuhn - No Jive Optic Star Butterfly in Mint Condition

Price: 25$

Description: This one has never been played. However, it is probably one of the first couple of the series to be produced, as it has a laser etching mistake on the side (See images) I am not sure if this alters the condition, as this is kind of a special thing. If this means that it is NOT in mint condition, please tell me and I will change that immediately.

yoyodesign - Token in Mint Condition

Price: 15$

Description: I didn’t really like playing with this one, however as you can see on the images it has a very rare and beautiful colouring that is not available in this form.

Magic YoYo - N12 SHARK HONOR in Mint Condition

Price: 10$

Description: I did not like how big this one was. It looks like it’s completely new as I barely ever played it.

Magic YoYo - T10 in Good Condition

Price: 10$

Description: This one I played quite often, however I never really had an emotional bond with it (like “my first YoYo”, “the YoYo my grandfather gave me”), so I’m having no issues selling it. This one has very minor scratches, but overall is in a good condition.

Aero-Yo - Sunlike in Good Condition

Price: 35$

Description: I just didn’t like how loud this one is. It plays really well and has a nice bearing, but it’s quite heavy and chunky, but the shape is very nice. It has a couple small dents, but looks good overall.

YoYofficer - Crayon in Mint Condition

Price: 30$

Description: This one, just like the SHARK HONOR is too big for my purposes. It looks great and has practically no damages.

If you’re interested in any of the shown, I’d be happy about a private message.
Alternatively you can send me an E-Mail directly to to be sure I’ll read it very quickly.
Any talk about negotiation and shipping will be executed privately.
If you would like to see any more images, we will do that privately aswell.

Greetings from Germany!

Bump. All available still.

Bump, all available still.