FS: Titanic, Yoyofriends, G2, One Drop and others

Selling some yoyos from my previous BST and also added others I’ve been keeping as backups.

Prefer US and Canada for now. Prices include USPS priority shipping to continental US (to Canada, please pm). Please add paypal G&S fee.

Yoyos are listed L to R in photos. Open to offers or trades on the any of the yoyos listed. Will do deals on multiples.

Box is included unless otherwise stated.

Iyoyo Titanic $210 (gold)
Near mint

Yoyofriends hummingbird (Red/green w gold rims) Sold
Mint in box. Never thrown

Yoyofriends Sunbird (olive) $50
Mint in box. Never thrown

Markmont Classic Magnum Opus B-grade $80
Mint in box. Never thrown

Throwing sideways Beanie (green) $40
mint in box. Never thrown

Yoyofriends peregrine (peach) $100
Near Mint.

G2 Reaper fade x3 package (dark/light purple fade, dark/light blue fade, green/yellow fade )
$210 $180 for all 3
All near mint, all very smooth.
Includes 2 reaper pins, mismatched cozies, g2 thermos and unworn L black reaper G2 shirt.
Or $70 each.

G2 Arbiter (black forest-green/black rims) $110
Near mint/smooth

G2 GBP (red/black rims) $90
Very Good. Visible small scratch from ding but no break in anno (see pic)

G2 Covenant (teal or seafoam?) $60
Near mint

One Drop Dang2 (olive) $55 $45
Near mint thrown maybe 3 times

Sengoku Kawami Kenshin (teal or green) $80
Near mint–bought as backup hardly thrown. Includes black pouch it was shipped in. Did not ship with box.

David McEvoy Apathy V2 proto(red with brass rings) $60 $50
Near mint
no box

Zeekio Alpha Steel $35
Near mint

One Drop Deep State (red) $35
Fair condition. Side effects were originally black but stripped by previous owner. Dark spot in center of side effects on both sides. Otherwise fine. No box.

MK1 Exia (green/silver rims) $55
Near mint

MK1 Exia (green/gold rims) $40
fair condition. Came new with some vibe. Has scratches in anno from ding (see pics)

Close up of GBP (red/black rims)

Close up of Exia (green/gold rims)

Looking For:
Luftverk Arcadia BTM (bimetal) Jade/green
Yoyofriends Hummingbird emerald/rainbow rims or purple orange fade
RSO Derti
Sunbird dark green
Tom Khun imperial shaped flying camel
Tom Khun flying camel with reverse/mirror image engraving

Have cash and high end trades not listed here. I will absolutely try to make it worth your while.



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