FS/FT: some yoyos (priced reduced)

Have some yoyos for sale/trade. Currently only looking to trade/sell in USA.

Zeekio Z1 Titanium - mint - 160$ 150$
OD Saterday Market Rev 2 - NMTBS with box- 90$ 85$
OD M81 silhouette - 70$ 65$

YYF Flame - mint - 55$
YYF Boost - mint - 40$
SOLD OD panorama half Weekend Stadium/ half Saturday market -NQP but can’t find the ano flaws - 80$

Yomega Glide - some vibe - 20$ add on
YYF Zodiac - NMTBS - 20$ add on
Something V - a few scratches and chips - 15$ add on

The bottom row is mainly for trade filler

I don’t know what the Panorama but I know a chunk of people where looking for it

Looking for:
OD Markmont. Classic Magnum Opus
staticCo Sudo
Recess Quiz
OD Kuntosh QV5000
OD Format :C
CLYW bear trap
Speedaholic XX
plastic/metal hybrids


Is your flame smooth?

7/10 smooth. has a tiny bit of vibe on some throws

What do you mean on some? If it has vibe would be like that every throw

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eh in my experience the amount of vibe is also dependent on how well you throw it, but that can be a debate for another day.

That just means you either had a good throw or a bad throw… Not how much vibe a yoyo has haha. Very nice yoyos btw. Have a blessed day

I throw this comment here because I’ve lagged on making it a topic, but have you ever noticed that if you have a sloppy wind, the throw will vibe? Then if you smooth out the vibey throw with a finger or fingernail etc and get a nice clean bind/wind, the following throw(s) are smoother? [Cue NBC the more you know music].





Z1 gone

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I’ll take the yomega glide.


Glide gone

Hi, I’m interested in the flame.

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