Done, please close LF post: Never mind, giving up 😂

LF posts are pointless :joy:


I tend to see more (useful) responses to LF posts on the FB BST than here, but yeah, most LFs are a real shot in the dark. Or rather, a shout into an echo chamber.


Yeah, No Facebook for me so I’m stuck here or eBay for used yo-yos. The BST isn’t what it used to be. Seems like high demand with low supply of used stuff. It also seems like people live on here, so when a good deal comes up it’s gone in a minute


I think it depends on what you are looking for and how you phrase it. Usually stuff like canvas, OG peak and things like that you have to wait for a listing. Otherwise I’ve had success with LF posts and have sold stuff to people with LF posts.

My most recent lf i stressed I was paying retail, so maybe throw out a price range that will incentivize people.


I think that goes without saying. I suspect that most LF posts are for things that are not listed for sale very often. And in those cases, the amount you’re willing to pay rarely makes a difference. Like, I could say I’m willing to pay $140 for a nickel 2016 Benchmark W and it still won’t get a bite even though I’m offering double retail value.

:joy: yeah multiple times Ive thrown out a price and got told someone offered the seller more, so I’m thinking it backfired on me haha

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Yeah, my problem is even though grails get posted pretty often for around the $120 range is that I always miss them. I was hoping a lf post offering more would help me not miss one, but I don’t think it did at all :laughing: all it did was put me in a bid war with all the other “LF grail “ posts. I need to just stick to buying non-hyped yo-yos

The chase is part of the fun when collecting


i never have a hard time finding anything. i’m not rich… i’m a civil servant… i don’t ‘shark, snipe or scam’. i give hella good deals. i don’t rip people off…

despite what some may think, i’m a pretty nice guy. i’m fair, and honest. i think there’s some people on here that could vouch.

putting a generic LF post up is like standing outside an office complex with a sign that says ‘hire me’. i made my last ‘LF: mfd’ post lazy-like in jest like that just because of all the ham-handed bst posts that have been going on…

i’m not criticizing you in particular. but generally, if you want to get taken out, you have to dress up for the ball