Done! :D


This is your chance to snag one of the arguably best playing Peaks of them all!

I wont say “Mint” since the OG bearing and OG Response has been replaced, but I will say that it is nearly flawless. It did not come with a box, but I kinda made one. ( I drew a peak logo on a brown box to make my own proxy for display. ***Note this is not the OG box, nor OG art.)

360 Video

4 Way Pic when I first got it. Only difference is now there is Light Green monkey Snot Response installed. (looks WAY better imho) and Gold NKS DS bearing.

SUPER SMOOTH!!! 0.2 out of 10 on the vibe scale (almost as close to vibe-less as you can get!!). No Damage. No OG box (but I do have a brown box that it will ship in)

Ships with NSK GOLD bearing and proxy box.

Packed secure and shipped fast, this baby is good to go to a good home.

Not to mention one of the prettiest ano jobs ive seen to date. Not even sure what to call it. Acid Wash/Fade/Splashy job. What ever you call it, pics do not serve it justice.

Why am I selling it? This is a collectors piece more than it is an everyday player, though if you wanted to im sure you could rock this bad boy, daily!

Anyway Im not really a collector. While I LOVE this yoyo, my Peak2 satisfies my “need for peak.” So im letting this bad boy go to a better home.

$250 shipped USPS Priority Domestic shipping. INTL shipping available for extra fee.

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Yep, that is Purple Acid Wash, as far as the finish goes.

Great yoyo!


Price is OBO, also