Dollar Store Yo

I just went through the boxes in my closet and I found this $2 Yo that I bought 3 or 4 years ago from a dollar store: It was one of those (Imperial Style) spring loaded auto-return Yomega rip-offs.

Curious to how much it would let me get away with, I threw a poly string on it and started messing around. I managed to get it to sleep for 12 or so seconds and went through the usual dog walking and craddle rocking. I tried a trapeeze, and no dice. The force of the breakaway actually killed the Yo.

I tried a split bottom mount and it actually worked quite well. I was suprised how easy it was to land it with such a small gap. I returned it to my hand and went for the whole shabang!

I threw the strongest sleeper I could, landed another split bottom, put in some finger work and BAM. I pulled off a no-holds-barred Split the Atom on a $2 Yo. ;D ;D ;D

Point is kiddies, you dont need an $80 Yo to have fun (I still love my DM more of course.)

Cool. Thats like my post.

I bought one like yours. It flew apart on the first throw. Don’t much care for them. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Amazing. A new feat in the world of yo-yoing! If I could put in a clapping emoticon right now I would.

My friend had one of those. He couldn’t get it to sleep, so he asked me if I could. My first throw I got about 10-12 seconds. On my second throw, the string broke. :frowning:

I have a ton… You can bust off the caps and take out the clutch and its not so bad…

I had one and its only response was the clutch, so it was dead unresponsive… It had no weight though so sleep times were aweful

I remember when my firends were having a competition of who could get the lonegst spin time and I won with a Yomega Power Brain XP with 10 second sleeper and everyone was like :o :o :o

HA I remember when I bought a cheap 1 dollar yoyo from Chinatown.
It broke in 5 minutes.

I still have my Brain. I love doing Trapeze and Double or nothing with it. Even Eli Hops. Then I do some loops and continue on with my day. It’s fun! ;D

Yeah. every now and then responsive play is fun, flying dismounts and alot of regens.

I sometimes like to be a kid again and throw my John’s Incredible Yo-yo.

BTW: Why is it the Dollar Store sells yo-yo’s that claim to be Yomegas but they’re not?