Doing Brent Stole, Got Weird Thing

Yeah, so I think it kind of looks like a double GT, but not quite. Thoughts? And if you can’t tell, there is a twist on the loop going around the string on my throwhand and a wrap on the right side right by the yoyo.

I think your standing next to a fan and you landed in a DGTish thing.

Ha there was no fan in the room. I have a feeling it’s some double GT variation but I’m curious as to high to do it.

If your tension isn’t quite right, you can get weird things like that - like a 1/2 twist already in the string before you attempted the trick - that’s about all I can think of.

I have gotten that before. Not sure what it is.

i get it alot, it is fun to get it out without a knot.

Just saying, he asked for your thoughts, not for people who have gotten it to post it on here.

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ive doon that befor its when your wiping it over your wrist when your whipping over whrist its twisting try adjusting you string tension

I have gotten into it too. Its a RT inside a GT, but if you were to pinch the little triangle at the bottom and let go of the loop on top, you would be in a normal GT.

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I’ve gotten that before.

Oh. hahaha. It’s a Double GT but the string twisted as it looped.

somtimes when i do brent stole i get a reverse GT, i have to switch my hands and pop it out…

LOL HARD TO UNDERSTAND :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh! I’ve been practicing that. I’ve gotten that too, and I’ve learned how to land it consistently!

If you do a Brent Stole, and bring your TH hand further up and a little to the left, it makes it easier to get into a GT ;D

Yeah, I can kind of land the Reverse Brent Stole (?) consistently. Instead of landing the strings around the half of the yoyo closer to you, have it go around the other half.

ha you would be amazed how many things that ive gotten out of a brent stole but once you find out what your doing you can create some amazing things