Does this make me a bit crazy??

So, I personally prefer using concave type bearings, because it helps with tilt and horizontal play. And as much as I love side effect yoyos I can’t say I prefer them. The reason being, is that it is very difficult for me to tune SE yoyos with anything other than the OD 10 ball bearing. I absolutely love the idea, but I just can’t get them smooth without that 10 ball bearing. Has anyone had this problem? I have been told it is because the OD 10 ball is very smooth, but I want input on this problem I am having.


Yes :slight_smile:

It’s official. Two out of three posters in your thread agree. You be crazy.

I have no trouble with my SE OD’s and the Buddhas I put in them all. The OD bearings are exceptional though. I wish there were OD 10ball Ripples. The silent smoothness of an OD with the centering force of the Ripple.

I have no problems using other bearings and getting the same smoothness.

No problem here, although I don’t really care what bearing is in my throws, at this point in my yoyoing it just doesn’t make a difference.