does string length matter?..

will it hurt your bearing’s performance if the string is somewhat short?
??? ???
becuase i noticed it thuds when i throw it down hard…
and im wondering if its hurting my 10ball


well, no, it wont.

No, won’t hurt the bearing, its just preference what length you feel comfortable with. If its going thud, it might be that the response systems needs help (like worn out pads).

nahh its not the response…
i got 2 chaz pads in there and they work fine…

i was just kinda worried im gnna mess up my 3rd bearing…
: /

2 already died.

3rd 10 ball? what are you doing to them :o ive had my pad m1 since march and the 10 ball in it just gets better the more i use it. i just clean it in mineral spirits every few weeks and dry it using that keyboard duster stuff, the compessed air in the can for computers and dont lube it. the thud alwys happens its just the yoyo stopping suddenly its nothing to worry about. try cleaning it how i said and then see if the problem goes away.

One Drops are kinda known for giving a slight thud when they get to the end of the string. Gives a really good feeling.

If you have managed to kill two 10-balls, you must be doing something wrong. I have never actually heard of a 10-ball dying before. Are you cleaning them in something funky? Do you use any home remedy lube or lube that’s not ‘approved’?

No, but if the string is too short, the response really has nothing to grab on to, so the yoyo wont unwind, but it will slip to the bottom of the string, causing a thud. This is caused by worn out response, untight returns, and very short strings.

To test it, when you wind up, pull the string. If it unwinds when you pull the string and the yoyo is stationary, it is going to slip.

Anyway, long strings are good for tricks like ladder escape, plan D and superman, but short strings are good for speed, because they are easier to control. But both can be done with both strings.

It shouldn’t but I tried yo yoing with my friends yo yo & his string was so short when i did trapeze my fingers were six inches apart. So I think you should have relativity long strings but short strings will do nothing to the bearing.