Does Playing Horizontal break your string faster than playing vertical?

(shubham) #1

I was Playing horizontal, I throw the yoyo for like 5 times and the string broke. so my question here is does playing horizontal break string faster as the string does not stay in the middle of the yoyo while doing horizontal tricks and string can go on the right end or the left end of the bearing?


Horizontal play is harder on string, especially if you are not really skilled at it. You should check your strings more often though and replace them before they fray and break.
I am still trying to learn horizontal play, but using a new string makes it much easier for me. You may find you go through a lot more strings than you did before.

({John15}) #3

Is this the yoyo that doesn’t have pads?

(shubham) #4

hahahah yes.

({John15}) #5

That might have something to do with it…

(r/Throwers Mod.) #6

Playing with a yoyo that doesn’t have pads sounds like huge no no for me.