Does Chief or AC play anything like dif-e-yo wide sport?

Does anyone know?

I ask as i disliked the feel of my old wide sport from many years ago when i threw (couldn’t ‘feel’ the yoyo spinning on throws at the end of the string and it was very ‘light’/maybe this is what we mean by floaty).


That’s what I perceive floaty as. Haven’t tried the Wide Sport, but I would imagine the Chief and Artic Circle feels very different than the Wide Sport.

When I think of floaty I would describe it as how the YoYo almost seems like it hangs momentarily in the air. The Arctic Circle is definitely a floaty YoYo but it dose not lack in the stability that I have found in some floaty throws. The AC is smooth as well. I can definitely feel it while I am playing though.

The Chief is rather hard to explain. It is the less floaty of the two. It plays similar to the supernova but lighter and with a more premium buttery feel.
It is solid and floaty at the same time. I hope this helps answer your question a little.

Thanks guys! Living in the UK makes it quite difficicult to try before you buy!