Does anyone know how many 2nd run Hatricks are being made?


I was just curious to know what my odds are of getting one.


I’d say that general-yo’s philosophy is to have low supply and large demand, this leads to alot of people wanting a hat trick and few being made, so your chances are about 1/100000


hmm guess Ill have to camp out at y…com lol.


They’ll be available at YYE too, I believe.

I just talked to him yesterday, and he says he’s super busy assembling Hatricks. I don’t think it should be too long. Anyway, if you want to find out how many he is making, I suggest contacting him at


Thanks Samad, Have you tried the second run out yet?


im 90% sure its the same thing…


I don’t think it is these are going to be exactly the same. He mentioned he was going to add around a gram of weight on the rims.


I think he took it back:


Ahhh… ok. I guess I didn’t finish reading the thread haha.