Does anyone know anything about the company YoyoSkeel?

Does anyone know anything about the company YoyoSkeel? I know YoyoExpert had some of their yoyos, but they always sold out of the ones that I wanted. I remember the name of one was “Solid”.

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YoyoSkeel is a Yoyo company that founded by 2 Malaysian National Yoyo champions, Shakeel and Ewin EE. Their IG is kedaiyoyo. You can contact them and ask about the yoyo that you wanted. You may get lucky and score something from them, they are very friendly people.



Since you are blatantly breaking the forum rules by posting a direct link to another yo-yo store…. Are there any other good direct store links you can think of before the Mods wake up and remove your reply?

Hurry up… they will be waking up soon…

oppsss! my bad, i really should read the forum do’s and dont’s before posting my 1st reply ever. got a little excited when a brand from my home country is mentioned. Thanks for the heads up doc!