does anyone have a video of someone snap starting a dv888?

i’ve have been trying and trying and trying to snap start my dv888 but it just wobbles out of control and barely spins. is it just me with this problem? ???

Just make sure you snap hard, and bind right away.

I can make like 5 gyros after I snap start it…

Thats good for you. But thats not answering his
question. and btw ill upload a video of me snap starting a dv888 prob. tomorrow

It’s definitely a problem with your snapping. Don’t worry, I couldn’t snap start to save my life, but I just haven’t practiced much. If you really want to learn snap starting, just keep practicing, adjusting things so that maybe you can find something that works.

I just made a little closeup video of one method of snap starting. I’ll post it here as soon as Vimeo finishes converting it - in about an hour.

make sure you are only holding the edge of the rims between your fingers and you are spinning the yoyo away from you, like you threw a sleeper. I don’t like snap starting myself, I actually use a JD-esque start, palm to palm. Or another thing that is fun to do is the thing that Ann Connelly does, I dont have a name for it but if you watch any of her freestyles that she misses a bind or loses rpm she does it. Hope you get it, and Ape is totally right, it take a lot of practice.

Hope this helps you see the basic move:

As others have said - just keep practicing and you’ll get it eventually.

thanks for uploading some videos, i am going nuts i feel like im wasting my time cause i keep practicing and feel like im getting nowhere. im usually a quick study. it hasnt taken me long to work up to master tricks and i just feel stupid not being able to do this. doing all the cool tricks isnt as impressive without the flare you know? i’m doing exactly what ur doing in the video. i guess i need to keep beating my head against the wall. thanx so much for the advice and video!!!

Don’t be too hard on yourself - it’s tough and takes time. Just keep at it - you’re basically just spinning the yoyo forward. It can help to cock your wrist back first and then spin forward to get more momentum. The hardest part though is doing it so that the yoyo stays straight. Good luck!

Not that hard. Heres some weak ones so you can see what you need to do.
Don’t mind the video quality, I never make videos.

thanks again for the videos, i;ll just keep doing it and hopefully itll just click

Flat rims make it easier to snap start. Just keep at it.