Snap Starting a Dead YoYo

Whenever I attempt a snap start the yoyo just wobbles all over the place. Most of the tuts either are not deatailed enough or just have words (No talking). Please help!

This is actually a really hard thing to do and took me a ton of practice. If you know how to snap, try snapping the yoyo on one side like you normally would. Some people try to do a door knob opening motion too. Good luck

Depending on your snap start, you want an even amount of pressure when you snap. Mine are horrible but have gotten a few “doorknob twists”.

It’s just visuals but hope this helps. I want to get mine better, I saw a snap start that Andre did that he went right into a gyro flop. Mine are pathetically weak right now lol

Even if it wobbles most of the time you can still get the yoyo to wind up. Over time it will smooth out.

This took me about a week before I got my yoyo snap starting smoothly