Does anyone else here match their yo-yos with their clothes?

First of all, welcome to these lovely forums! And yes, that is actually how I got into yo-yos

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Maybe I’ll get that orange aqua WA fade that is coming out soon, it’ll match the DBZ clothes I have.


I find the bump in popularity of converse in the last few years interesting. I would be up for trying a pair, but not really my thing I guess. I see a lot of people enjoy the comme des garcons ones recently.

I wore purple Chuck’s at my wedding in 2011 and didn’t stop until recently. Normal Chuck’s are not good for flat feet. The are Chuck II’s, which have a Nike soft insole, butnthey don’t make them anymore so I’m back to Adidas and their cloudfoam.

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No, I’ve never thought about it.

I have considered if a shirt would make it hard to see a string though in the few times I’ve recorded myself throwing.

On Thursdays, we wear Purple.