Does anyone else have trouble with slacks?

I’ve been throwing for quite some time now, on and off though. I’m left handed, and have never, ever been able to maintain good string tension (for slack-filled tricks anyway). I’ve never tried left handed string, and really don’t think I should have to since I know there are plenty of really good left handed yoyoers who probably don’t use it.

Basically, I can easily do pretty simple slack maneuvers but when it comes to swinging the yoyo and slack around at the same time in a trick or popping the yoyo out of the string formation and whipping the slack a certain way into the gap I just can’t get it. My string never wants to cooperate, and it’s always gotten to the point where even in a tutorial if I get to a difficult slack portion I give up. Not to brag, but I’m pretty decent in my opinion when it comes to tech tricks but when it comes to flowy tricks with slack, my tricks are anthing but flowy and I can’t even complete them.

How do you make slack tricks look so easy? & as a lefty how should I maintain string tension better? I’ve even seen really old freestyles from almost 10 years ago where people had slacks down better than me, but I’ve just never been able to grasp them. Also, I use Twisted Stringz Format B string more often than not lately.

Get lefty string. It will help you quite a bit.

Left handed string? That is a thing?

I never thought about left handers being handicapped by being the other way around. I can’t really advise about your problem other than practice, most left handed yoyo’ers I’ve seen, even ones close to my skill level (not great but not horrible) seem to handle things that same way I do as a right handed player.

Thanks both of you for the advice. I think I may give left handed string a try. In the meantime I’ll just practice my slack tricks a bit more so I can do them like other lefties.

It causes tension to tighten on lefties like it does on righties. It is twisted in a different direction.

I have trouble with slacks, too. I see the most basic of tutorials and there’s this open flowy loop. And when I try it, even after ensuring neutral tension, it’s anything but flowy.

I know it’s not the string’s fault. I’ve gotten to the point with my plastic whip that when I whip forward I send forth a wonderful flowing loop. I know that’s not a “slack”, but the point is that the string follows a nice arc and does so elegantly.

Go to do a slack trick, though, and… fwah. Weak little loop that isn’t doing me favours either in terms of landing the trick or if I DO land it, having it look good.

I have no advice. But I can commiserate. :wink: