Does anyone else feel sick when throwing a yoyo with hub stacks

cause when I spin my grind machine left and right when holding the hub stacks I get a headache and start to feel sick is this normal?

I think it is safe to say that this is an abnormal thing you have happening

Consulted a doctor before you play again

Yeah I would refrain from playing with hubstacks until you get a doctor’s opinion

Just don’t use that special edition G-5 that has spirals going towards the middle. That would probably make your head explode.

You mean the original?

For some reason I thought that was a special edition. I guess not.

How long are the session until you feel sick? 3min? 30min? An hour?

Like 12 seconds but it’s only when I grab the hub stacks and rotate the yoyo

You’d better put it down and never look at it again. :wink:

Is this like… for real. haha

You might need to get a little more active lol. Usually when people don’t move around a lot, the slightest physical activities will cause you to feel a little light headed.

I dislike the sound of my stacks on my Magic yoyos when I’m pull starting or grabbing them in play. They sound like they are screaming in extreme pain. I am trying to find the time to pull them apart and clean out the bearings, as I think that might resolve the issue.

I like stacks, at least I like the options that stacks give me, despite me not having the creativity and experience yet to really utilize them.

I have several stacked yoyos. Magic T9, T10 ad N9, PGM, Duncan MoMentuM, Werrd 4XL, Superstar, and I have an Epic coming in. I also have this Audley Photon Spirit that has stacked rims(the stacks are so big they wrap around the rims).

If one is having some sort of issue when throwing a yoyo with stacks, I have to wonder what the issue is. Is it some form of epilepsy, or some sort of motion related disorder? It it something different?

I think for the short term, simply don’t use stacked yoyos. This may have to be the long term solution too. You may wish to see a medical professional about this. It may be something serious.