Does anyone do Ano work?

I am looking for someone to seal up a blast from mullicabob. Just a nice clear ano job. Does anyone know of anyone who is still in the anodizing business who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg? Thanks!

Basically you want a clear protective coat. Mullicabob knows, PM him and ask who.

Yeah, Mullicabob’s option hasn’t been answering pm’s from either of us, so I am trying to find someone else.

Gonna need to start doing ano ain’t I!!

For sure man!
And nickel

Nickel, did I read correctly? O_o!

Mullicabob, you said in your threads you can direct people to the proper sealant people, SO?

Nickel is actually possible to do easily at home without electric it’s just not cheap. I was going to attempt it but I can’t find Nickel Salt anywhere.

I’m hoping that there will be a Loaded Yoyos x Mullicabob collaboration some day

Loaded splash with powdered color.