does anybody LOVE the Dietz like me?


just feels nice in the hand and is dead smooth and an awesome shape!

anyone wanna join the fanclub? lol

(WildCat23) #2

It’s my go-to pocket throw.


I’ve had it for a couple months but never played it until about a week ago. It is pretty nice. I’m liking it more than the cascade, a bit faster, not as comfortable but the shape is still good.

Anyone out there can reccomend a different side effect other than stock?


To be completely honest. The Dietz is my favorite One Drop. In fact, it’s probably the best undersized I’ve played with. It is truly amazing.


I like mine with Aluminum Ultralights. They make it really zippy, but the shape seems to fit perfectly with that pace of play.


I like the Dietz but I LOVE the Lab Experiment #1

Lab Experiment #1

Yes, they play completely different and honestly I find it to give a better feel on the string versus its retail brother.


I have the smile train dietz, thinking about polishing it.


I wouldn’t, that colorway is hella rare.


I played with my friends dietz. I loved it. I wish i could get one.


When I finally get done selling my 100+ throws, the Dietz will be one of only a dozen “keepers.”


Just got the dietz Friday. I love it!


The dietz is probably the best undersized throw in my opinion other than the ILLY Void