does anybody know if/what pads fit in vsnyyc throws

I have a crap ton of skywalkers and want to have some with pads in them to test the difference. I been preferring pads lately and have some k pads in my cherry blossom but they dont fit right. Work but a little no narrow in width. I know silicone works done it a million times but i hate going threw the trouble of just doing one yoyo so I usually wait tell I need to do at least 2-3. Just would like to hear of there’s any secret fitting pad out there for my vsnyyc stuff. Thank you

I know you want a pre-made pad, but to the best of my information, all of them can use RTV silicone products for a response system. Now you won’t have to worry about pre-made pads.

Is that the blue or red stuff? I REALLY dont like that stuff. I would father use regular flowable if I was gonna go that route. Its just way to hard to remove and with flowable I am pretty good at doing it and it’s probably the easiest to get out even easier then pads cause some pads leave there adhesive in the response area. Thanks for the input though. Im tempted to buy a few different sizes of the irpads or whatever that’s expensive pink things are called lol.

Use Flowable Silicone By Permatex

Im looking for pads. Not any response in a tube. I really like flowable but im looking for a pad option

Kpads SHOULD fit.

Ya I put those in and while they do bind and work they only fit 3/4 the width. Not a huge difference just wondering if anybody knows of a wider pad with the sane depth.

All of the pages that I have seen that were selling the yoyo (yoyoexpert and other sites where you could buy them) say flowable silicone for the responce. As far as I know, there are no pads that are made for the skywalker. Just flowable for the perfect fit but no pre made pad.

Ya that’s what I figured :frowning: I was hoping some yyr pad or some top secret Japanese super pad would just happen to fit in the response area lol. No big deal. If I even find one that fits flush I will share it. I actually enjoy using flowable but like I said it just seems like a hassel to do if im only doing one yoyo. I got a bunch of k pads. Maybe I will put the k pads in and fill the surrounding area with flowable. Probably would be a pain in the neck but might end up kinda cool and long lasting. We will see :slight_smile:

Flowable is a type of RTV silicone.

Not really dude. Flowable silicone is just just flowable almost like a thin gel that levels itself out and "“flows” into areas that other silicones wont get. Rtv is more like a putty and is a pain in the neck IMO and after peeling that blue stuff out of a couple yoyos I got from people on the bst I swore to never ever use it cause it doesn’t bind like I like and also its a nightmare to get out. flowable pops out the easiest of them all and the clear looks good if your gonna go that route. There not the same other then they come in tubes.

The flowable silicone I use and im sure is the standard silicone is the stuff for windshield sealing or glass. When I think of rtv its thick colored and not what I like.

Back to the question if anybody knows a pad that will fit share the knowledge :slight_smile: I know there isn’t a specific pad but im pretty sure some yoyo out there had pads that can get closer then k pads.

If the k-pads are a bit too small, the YYR thin pads might work. K-pads are 19.1mm outer diameter and the YYR pads are 19.6. Don’t have a Skywalker on me to confirm but that might be worth a try.


Thanks man that just might work. If it doesn’t. Fit perfectly it should fit better. That’s a step in the right direction. If only you guys had tips on how to get a 1 year old to sleep lol I been up for the past 6 hours trying to get my daughter to sleep. Its 4’38 am over here :frowning:

RTV Silicone (Room Temperature Vulcanizing silicone,), flowable is rtv, gasket maker is just thicker, but both are rtv silicone for sure. Probably many comon ingredients, where did you learn about silicone?

I prefer sili over pads, you can get a curve in the silicone, and I find it breaks in and gets to that sweet spot quicker.

Plus, it leaves my throws clean. Pulls out in one go, pads leave some goo and glue.

im not gonna argue about what is rtv and flowable really I could care less. when most people think of rtv they think of thick almost calking like silicone. I just looked at my flowable silicone and nowhere on it does it say rtv.second I agree with silicone is easier to get out and all that. I said it in my previous post. Im not trying to compare the two or have people opinions all I wanted to know was if there is PADS THAT FIT SKYWALKERS. Thanks anyways silicone pros

Hat pads by general yo fit pretty well but they aren’t really thick enough for it. It still plays great with them though

OK cool I ill try those and the yyr thin pads. I forgot about those. With the general yo pads is the thick or thin reference to the width or depth?

Too thin. I recommend just silicone though. The binds are pretty good with hat pads but truly are great with sili

Ya that’s true. I think im just gonna have to stick with that. Just hoped for some other options :slight_smile: