Does anybody know how much the YYF one weighs?

Im looking to purchase the new yyf one, but im kinda clueless on the weight. Can anybody help me out ?

Where are you getting it from?

Aren’t you going to illest to buy one? Maybe they let you try out their throws.

It weighs less than the two, more than the half.

I feel that I shouldnt give away where there selling them. Sorry. You have to search it up yourself.

No im not going there.

Whats that suppose to mean! lol, i got confused.

No, NEVER listen to Q. He’s helpless.

Nah, just kidding. I love Q.

Good. Another name on my list.


maybe almost the same with lyn fury

I don’t own a scale but I can tell you it weighs less than a mighty flea.

How do you know ?

I own both? But the mighty flea is REALLY heavy. The closest thing in weight to the mighty flea would be the popstar. And the ONE seems to be similar to the BOSS

I was a butcher for two years so as far as guessing weight by hand I can tell they are close but when you’re trying to differentiate grams it’s tough.

SICK!! So which yoyo’s do you feel are similar in weight to the yyf one ?

Of what I own the boss is the closest in weight. I can weigh it in like two weeks when I hang out with someone who has a scale. It seems to play like the kickside, but the only kickside I have played with was modded and had grooves lathed on it like the Y factor. I’ve been playing around with it and it is really responsive. But it’s a small bearing and I haven’t cleaned it.

Alright thanks for the help!

I weighed it in at 57 grams. It’s very light - much lighter than a Lyn.

The sexiness has spoken.

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