Does anybody have/where can I buy the center trac that comes in a chief?


Or is that the yyf center trac? Why would they put yyf center trac in a chief?


For the same reason RECREV puts Buddha ripples in their jos. Its good.


i believe it is the yyf center track just without the yyf in front of it. will do the same exact job and all the quality


It’s a YYF Center Trac bearing.

I can only assume Chris uses it because he likes the bearing and has a good relationship with YYF. Personally I much prefer them to flat bearings.


YYf and clyw both use CBC(?) center traks.


Someone please correct me if I’m wrong but I was under the impression that Central Bearing Company (CBC) is basically YoYoFactory.


Nonono I think CBC is totally different, but YYF is like a big fanboy and uses all their products. Or maybe they’re partners…

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If you don’t know, don’t post. It just gets really confusing when you all have different people saying different things.

There is no such thing as a CLYW center trac and there is no such thing as a YYF center trac.

The ONLY center trac that exists is the CBC (Central Bearing Company) Center Trac which both CLYW and YYF use in their yoyos. They’re the same bearing, companies just buy them to use in their yoyos. CLYW, YYF, and CBC are all separate entities; yoyo companies partner together with CBC to put their products (bearings, axles, response) into their yoyos.

You can buy them here:


Well you don’t always know what you don’t know. People are often mislead be others assumptions. Most believe the sky is blue due to the color of the oceans. That’s not fact, but to many it’s true. Telling people not to post because what they may believe to be fact really isn’t, is not cool. Not everyone is as informed as you are.

I’m not saying to post complete lies because you feel like it. Just post what you believe. If its not true then you learned something new.


Why do “CLYW center tracks” have ribbon cages then?

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Ribbon cages?
And also, Chris has stated the fact that the CTs are the same in the CLYW official thread.



RecRev has a agreement with another store for their bearings.

I also like the Buddha bearings. That’s some good stuff!

But, if you still want a CenterTrac, those are great bearings too. Just get one. They are the same thing that CLYW is using anyways.


Nope. SPYY uses CBC components, such as CBC pads, and SPEC bearings.


I’m fairly certain the CBC is a sister company of YYF. It’s just the name YYF uses for their pads and bearings.