What is the difference between the clyw center track and the yoyo factory center track?

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Nothing… It is the same bearing.

I’m curious, too, my clyw ct’s play far above my yyf ct’s.

As far as I know, they’re the same bearing made by the Central Bearing Company.


I wonder why that is??

Try changing the yoyo that’s its used in that’s a factor. Also one may not send their bearings out dry. If they both send them out slightly lubed they could use different lubes. That’s it really

Has anyone tried to put their clyw ct in a yoyo factory yoyo? Maybe it is the yoyo

It is the yoyo.

are you sure because every yoyo I put my clyw ct it plays much better then I put the yyf ct and it plays worse

They are the EXACT same bearing. Sometimes the CLYW fan boys have a hard time believing that Caribou Chris would use a YYF part in his return tops. Indeed he does and they are good bearings in my opinion.

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Some one please ask Chris

Same thing.


Here’s some more info as well included in the AC review from Adam Brewster.  Chris chimes in and comments about the “Center trac” as well. 

You’re only testing 2 bearings here, so what you’re seeing is variation between bearings. Doesn’t mean they’re from different sources. I have multiples of many types of bearings and really no two of them play exactly the same, make the same noise, or have the same life.


I think they have more soul

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It’s the yoyo that’s different, not the bearing. The bearing is the EXACT same Central Bearing Co. bearing sold on this site.

they are different, , unshielded the clyw centertracks have the same connected balls as say a onedrop bearing where yyf center tracs do not have the balls set up in this way

Ill post a picture once i get home