CLYW 8 ball bearing vs new 10 balls

So I picked up one of the new CLYW Arctic Circle 2s from the store and it has quickly become one of my favorites.

Out of the box played great and I simply have no complaints. Read about the AC1 and how some people think it’s better… (it’s all opinion), so I picked one up on the BST. Pretty sure it came with the old CLYW 8 ball bearing.

Both throws have amazing built quality and feel, both are now on my list of “grab” throws when leaving the house. I won’t pick one over the other, they are both solid throws and both are winners IMHO.

My question, I actually really like the 8 ball bearing, it’s a little noisier than the new one, but overall, it performs really well. I have a pack of upgrade bearings for throws with subpar performing bearings, but this one really nails it so I left the original there. Did I luck out with the bearings? I’ve read posts about CLYW bearings being subpar, but my experience is 2 for 2 great one.

CLYW gets their bearings from Center Trac Co. The old CLYW yoyo’s came with standard 8 ball bearing center tracs. They are the noisy, well performing ones you are talking about. The Newer CLYW yoyo’s comes with Center trac-x’s which is the new 10 ball bearing from center trac. They are must smoother and come pre lubed which is why they are so quiet.

In terms of lucking out. You did not necessarily “luck out” all center trac bearings are amazing and are above par when compared to other companies. You will never find a bad center trac. You can say you lucked out because CLYW uses their bearing versus another different company. But yeah. All center tracs are amazing. and now you have both an old original one and a new center trac-x to try out.

Cool, either way, both the AC and AC2 are amazing throws with the bearings they have.

More than I can throw at them, I hope to grow into them.

I believe you meant Central Bearing Co not Center Trac