CLYW Bearings. Are new ones better?

Does anyone know what kind of bearings CLYW is using these days?

It seems that once they moved to the Snow Tires - the bearings got much better also. The ones on my BvM and Chief are amazing. Do they have a new source? A new treatment? I read something about OneDrop doing the manufacture on some new models - is CLYW also using 10-Balls?

I think my first sasquatch had a bearing that said YYF engraved on the side so a yoyofactory spec bearing but not sure about nowadays.

I’ve bought all my CLYW’s via BST. Serveral had YYF bearings in there. I’ve been replacing them with Terrapin X Bearings, mostly since the YYF bearings weren’t performing very good in my opinion. I think the sellers just put in a bearing they didn’t care for before shipping it out. I’m not worried, I don’t mind spending on Terrapin X bearings anyways.

Anyhow, no clue as I don’t have any new CLYW’s. I would be positive they’d want good bearings in their stuff.

Yes and No.
I’ve tried both the new bearing and the old ones.
They play somewhat the Same
Just the new one isnt Engraved.
I usually dont like CLYW Bearings No offense but the second I buy a throw from Chris/CLYW Store/BST I put in a KK if it isnt in it .

AFAIK, CLYW bearings have never been engraved. They are just regular 8 ball bearings.

I’ve never seen a stock CLYW come with a YYF bearing. Unless it was BST and the bearing was switched.

Not a fan of the CLYW bearings in the least. I mean, they are ok. But when I can put a 10-ball or a Terrapin, why wouldn’t I?

I would normally agree. I have a spare pack of 10-balls around for just such surgery when a new throw comes in. That is the point of my post; I have Terrapin ceramics and General-Yo AIGR ready to go into these new CLYW’s - but the bearings in my BvM and my Chief are really nice. So much so that I do not need to replace them. That is what I find remarkable. Normally the CLYW bearings are marginal at best.

I find that most CLYW bearings turn responsive after a few hours of play and then i lube them but they take a tremendous amount of time to break in

My approach to playing any yoyo is:

  1. Get yoyo
  2. Have bearing
  3. Go hard

Never really got what the big fuss about different bearings is, as long as it’s not KK, I don’t even give it a second thought.