CLYW bassalope unboxing and review

This is my CLYW unboxing and review video, hope you like it and if there is another version i recommend you get it, the only bad thing is that the small bearing that the yoyo came with stinks and i didnt get a extra konkave bearing so if you get this yoyo pick up a small konkave bearing

Here is the video:

Cool review. And is it good for regens?

I want to know the problem with the stock bearing?

it just doesnt spin as long as my other stock bearings

It is a small bearing. They tend to not spin quite as long as large bearings most of the time.

just wash it. it’ll be louder but play better.

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k ty, its my first small bearing so i didnt know that TY

Also, you might like to know that there currently are no small konkave bearings in production. There’s not enough surface area to keep them strong and stable after drilling them concave if I remember correctly.

I thught you were away Jared ???

o i c. What would be a nice replacement bearing for a small stock bearing then because i dont feel like getting a ceramic konkave bearing

You could just leave it stock because there really aren’t many different kinds of small bearings.

k ty

You said you hadnt played it yet then you said you had already played it

This isnt a great review… From my criticism from Samad i learned how to make reviews, and almost 10/10 on everything isnt good. You just got it so You should spend more time to figure out pros cons and yea. I wouldnt rate 10 out of w/e cause it does not give u a good description of how good it is, i would write a review or like FreedomZenith, spend more time on your video review

I have to say that I’m no fan of video reviews. For some reason, I just like written reviews a lot better.