Does Anybody else have this?

I was wondering if anybody had an autographed Daniel Dietz trading card. This is mine, and yes the picture is backwards.

Yes, yes I do.

Is that the 2012 one? That’s the one I have.

No, it says it is 2011 on the back

My little bro and I have one, Dietz even gave him a CODE2

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That is so freaking cool. You are so lucky

I wish I were him…

I have 2010 andre boulay, and 2011 steve brown signed cards

Its not easy for an 8yo to get throws so Dietz helped him out

You could have given him one of yours lol, but that’s was very nice of him to do so.

Dan is pretty much mucho cool… o

Dan is great! He signed my nickel Dietz. We had to have him sign in an unusual place, cause it’s hard to find a flat spot on the Dietz.

Haha one time I looked where the best place for someone to sign my dietz would be and it was right there.

Its pretty much the biggest flat spot of the, what, 10 different flat spots?

Well, I guess it’s not the issue of it being “flat,” cause it’s all curvy one way or the other, even where he signed it…just it being a good “wide” spot for a signature. It’s like you just need a wide spot with enough space to get it to look proper. You get the idea. :wink: He got the right spot. I unscrewed it to make it easier too. Nice guy.