I'm getting a Andre Boulay autographed DM

(Johnny rocks!!!) #1

Hey guys,
so I’m getting an Andre Boulay autographed DM and i was wondering is that cool ??? :frowning: ??? :frowning: ??? :frowning:

(J. Lev) #2

Serious question? Its cool if you think it is.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #3

ya but in the football cards world a tom brady auto is cool, and I’m wondering if its the same in the yoyo world

(YoYoJoe27) #4

It is!!! I would love to meet Andre Boulay in person a lot! Just as much as you would like to meet Tom Brady in person.


So are you getting the DM signed by Andre in person, Or are you buying a signed one off of someone?


hi im really johnny rocks!!! im just on my friends computer
im sending it to him so he can work on it well its there hes going to autograph it

(Johnny rocks!!!) #7

hey tom2000 really was me i really was using my friends coputer


Ok so then don’t double post. You also could have logged him off…

That’s pretty cool though. Do you think it’s cool? I mean, if you have to ask…

(Johnny rocks!!!) #9

ya i think it’s really cool, i was just wondering if i was getting excited over nothing


How’d you get it? And yes, its worth alot. It’s like the maker of the basketball signing it. Andre Made the DM.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #11

i probable shouldn’t tell, because then everybody well be trying to get one :-\ sorry