Do you think you will be sponcered soon?


I don’t any time soon i mean some day


Me? No. Probably never. It’s not a goal or objective. If it happens, then great, but it’s not something I’m seeking. I’ll gladly talk about what I DO like and not talk about what I don’t like.


Probably never for me I have been yoyoing for almost 2 years now and some people have been for 1 or less and are better than me.


look for sponsor = no sponsor


Personally, no, and I’m fine with that. I don’t yoyo for competition or bragging rights, I just yoyo for fun. I’ve really never taken it seriously, and I’m still enjoying it.

(Jei Cheetah) #6

Being limited to only using one company yoyo for contest and videos. The risk of finding another company yoyo and not being able to use it even though you can tell it ill be your fave. Problems if you pick up other styles and you get different changing preferences.

Sponsorship is the worst thing that can happen to me, most likely to you.

Over-rated. Takes away from the fun.

Not for me.
Not for you.

Go yoyo or something.





Why sure!!! :wink:


Agreed. I never want to be sponsored because in competitions or videos, I can’t use yo-yos from other companies.

Pepsi is better than coke




I will be soon. :wink:


I would want to be sponsored. That way i could make money and get my own custom yoyo. I know a dude. Hes not very famous when it comes to yoyoing but hes decent and is sponsored by werrd. He has a custom yoyo

It would also be fun


you get: free yoyos, and sometimes contest fares are payed. it’s not exactly THAT (meaning, millions of dollars [hey, even HUNDREDS isnt there…]) type of pro.


Just a question, Josh, have you ver been offered sponsership. Seems to me you’d be a perfect one.


Probably no. if offered, i would consider it, but would still turn it down.


i sponsor myself… and maybe in a few years, my store will sponsor me :smiley:

but i dont really care… there are several yoyo companies i love…