Do you take your yo-yo apart to put on a new string?

(Andrew) #21

It kinda depends on the yo-yo. If tuning the throw requires a specific tightness to prevent vibe, I’ll untwist the string. Otherwise I prefer to take the throw apart so I don’t have to untwist the string as much.

(Josh) #22

Your supposed to open the yo yo string up, and put it on that way. By taking it appart your string may get caught up in between your bearing while putting the yo yo together again. That tends to end up causing the string to break, sometimes it could crack your yoyo, or ruin its performance.

(Zaid) #23

I used to open the yoyo apart and still do it but not as much as opening the string.


This. When I was young, I messed up some throws by trying to keep the string on the bearing while reassembling.
You really should try to disassemble your throws little as possible. Keeps the axle tuned mostly, but damage to the bearing, the axle, or worst of all the bearing seat, is all more likely the more the yo finds itself disassembled. Though you will pretty much always need to disassemble when it comes to bearing and axle management.

Fixed axle yoyos can’t even come apart! When I get a knot in a throw, I try to dig the knot out with my pinkie finger before I’ll disassemble it, but I do tend to disassemble them to fix those. I’ve heard of pros always carrying around a pin or needle simply for unjamming their yo.

As for as strings getting kinked up when they rewind - keep tension on it! When you’ve untwisted the loop and have put it around your yo, hold the string super tight before letting it wind itself back together. Practicing certain tricks, I’ve had entire strings become almost completely untwisted within a few minutes. Holding the string taut will help it go back into a perfect wrap.

(Mash Mastar) #25

I take the time to completely take apart my yoyo to re string it. I do not like extremely undoing the string to fit over the whole yoyo. If it can be helped, when I’m jammed up I try not to open my yoyo just to try & undo it. Although sometimes it cannot be helped.


At the very beginning, I tried untwisting strings and sliding them over a full half of the yoyo, but after screwing up 10 strings consecutively so badly that I had to toss them, I ended up unscrewing the throw, and have done that ever since. I’m just somehow terrible at doing it the other way :joy:

(Josh) #27

It honestly never ruins my string but sometimes I’ll get a twisted up side of the string but it evens out when it gets put on. or if I pinch and twist the string and even it out.


Never. Looping the string over the side is way faster.


I agree, but the circumstances in which I am messing with the string often involve a real bad tangle / knot that I have to disassemble to deal with anyways… or if I am removing a string, I always dissassemble in that case, so it’s already disassembled when I put on the new one…

I kinda regret the way I asked this in retrospect. Because I agree on a brand new throw with no reason to take it apart you’d slide the string over.


As has been mentioned numerous times here, the “trick” in unwinding the string to loop over the shell is to keep sufficient tension on the string to keep it from kinking up. Works nicely.


I don’t know, even when I take the yo-yo apart to get out a knot I just put it back together and loop the string over the side. Just habit at this point. :man_shrugging:

And like JHB said - If you keep enough tension on the string and don’t unwind it more than you need to there’s minimal chance of kinks. I loop cloud string and other really tightly wound strings over the side all the time and have never ruined a string. Even if you get a kink you just untwist slightly and pull and it’s right back in place.


Same honestly, like I said before I actually find it easier to put on a string if it’s already assembled so if I have to unscrew it to remove a knot I’ll still assemble it again before putting the string back on.


Amazing topic. I just now landed on it.

I dunno?

I know I take my truck engine completely apart before I change the oil.

I like to make sure I get the oil right in the middle🤡

Actually I was too busy to respond anyway. I just spent the last couple days trying to put my socks on.

Next time; I will (1) put my socks on first and (2) then my boots😳

({John15}) #34

Both, it just depends. If I’ve got the yoyo open already, I’ll just slip it on the breading first and put it back together.

Otherwise, I just open up the string really wide and slip it over the yoyo.

(Tyler) #35

Mmmm, breaded yoyos

(InvaderDust) #36

Crap. I tried it again today without taking the yoyo apart and my string did this. I guess im not hip with the cool kids anymore…

I kid, i kid haha. This was really just a funny string making fail, but thought of this thread instantly when i saw the mess. Haha :smiley:


After playing and testing nylon to death couple of weeks I agree 100% with this comment. The nylon doesn’t agree as much as other strings to the unwind.


Nylon is weird with coiling and winding. I’ve noticed this too. It coils up way tighter than poly, even in blends.

(ChrisFrancz) #39

Sometimes I HAVE to take them apart because everything is all knotted and twisted and so junked in there. Putting on new strings I never take it apart. I get impatient and work too fast and am afraid of stripping threads.

(InvaderDust) #40

Put the axle (or anything you want to screw back together) into the hub you want to screw it back into.
Turn it the wrong way (counter clockwise / Lefty Loosey) until it clicks and sets into place.
Its now perfectly lined up and ready for a smooth, never crossed threaded tightening.
Enjoy never having to worry about that again. :slight_smile: