do you need help on tricks?


if you need help on tricks i will be happy to help you . i can do most every trick on the site but i still dont have every one down yett so i wont be able to help you on those but i can help you with tricks and what type of yoyo is best for you and i can help with pretty much everything about yoyoing


do you now any nice, flowing slack tricks. i wanna learn those, should I work on the various slack wrist mounts. do you now of any other slick slack tricks? thanks


Thanks for trying, but instead of doing it this way, please just reply to topics that people make and help them out that way.

Broyo, I would highly suggest searching “slack” or “slack tricks” or something similar and there will be dozens of topics with lots of great tricks for you to look at. :wink:


Thanks, I cant believe I forgot the search!


I need help with the one and a halfside mount. When i try it it just bounces back.


Dude, epic three year necro… If you look at the date you will see this is from 2010. Bringing back old threads is frowned upon here :stuck_out_tongue: so in the future try not to. You can try making a new thread.


I’m have trouble with the ladder escape mount. When I curl my finger and stick it back out now sure which string to open up…




One and a half mount- do a double or nothing, put the far string on your left hand to your right Hand.