Do you have a question about Japan? (Welcome to WYYC in Japan)

Hello, everyone.
I have begun a blog for a foreign yoyo player.

This year’s WYYC is held in Japan.
Many foreigners would visit Japan.
I’d like to be their support.

I’ll answer a question to Japan you have.
For example manners. Way of shopping. Way to ride on the train. Greeting. Japanese peculiar yoyo word.

Please make a comment in my blog or this post :wink:


This is a great service! I won’t benefit from it, but I think that it’s great that you are giving people the opportunity to ask questions about your country :slight_smile:

This will be very helpful! Thanks!

Hi, right now I have two questions for you

  1. How is it with ATM and European cards? I know in past only ATM at airport and 7/11 shops(or something like that) worked.

  2. Easiest way how to get sim card for mobile internet? I heard you have to order it ahead and pick it up at airport.

Thanks so much for doing this :slight_smile:

Dear Owen, Dear CaliBuddha

Thanks! I will my best effort for WYYC contestants :wink:

Dear Bína

I wrote the answer to my blog!
Please check it :slight_smile:

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ATMS can be tough. 7/11 and post offices are the go-to but there never is a 7-11 when you need one! CITIBANK always works too. Maestro card with IC chips you could have even more problems.