Does YYE except those pre paid credit cards?

You know those Mastercards or Visa cards that have a amount and you pay for them and get a limited credit like card? Will YYE except? I don’t like bothering my parents to order me something and have to give them the money. (They do not always approve of the price :))

I had a Visa gift card that i got for Xmas and YYE did not accept it.
i would get one of the GreenDot money cards. If it doesn’t work you can use it to add funds to a Paypal (which works for YYE and BST purposes)

They accepted mine. However, I wanted to split the order. I put $100 on the gift card and the rest on my debt card. You might just have to call them when placing an order.

Did you register it first? My experience is that you need to register them with the issuer before you can use them online.

Doesn’t it register when you buy it? They activate it at a store right?

So what is the safest cheapest (without the company deducting amounts) and YYE will except?

No, depending on the card, you need to go on their website, enter your name and zipcode so the card has been registered, and can be used to track you down. Do that first, if you’re using a vanillacard, I can say from my own experience it works quite well.


That’s what the 9 minute long video said when I got used a gift card to buy my first yoyo bud!

I used $100 in prepaid on YYE

I used the vanillacard also

^^^ same but to use prepaids online you have to register them on the Internet site it gives you

I’d imagine this is correct. There are security concerns without placing a name and information on the cards, and that’s typically why they wouldn’t accept the card without one.

So am I just better of to get a YYE Gift Card and have it sent to my email to spend when ever?