Does yoyoexpert accept prepaid American Express cards?

I was going to buy one but I don’t know if they accept it.

Also, for the people that have used it, do you just buy it and use it or do you have to have a setup process?

Thanks in advance.

Why would you spend 54$ on 50$ of stuff?

American Express is a business, so they have to have some form of profit.

Also, I think part of the $3 is a “loading” fee.

Two things…

  • Contact the store directly with questions like this:
    By Email:
    By Phone: USA: (413) 551-9696

  • I would be careful w/an American express card. I know fewer merchants accept American Express credit cards than VISA and Master Card so I’m going to make a guess that the gift card is the same. It seems that Amazon really pushes them though.

I’m going to agree, American Express is much less accepted globally that visa and MasterCard. Given the choice, always go with visa. That aside, generally most “prepaid debit” cards are accepted everywhere, although you may have to go to the website associated with the card to set up a “billing address”. But your results may vary, you should certainly check with yye first. But more than likely they won’t be able to 100% give you an answer until their system attempts the process the card.

If in doubt get the visa (green dot or something like that) it’s generally right in the same area as the mastercard prepaid.

But like everyone else has said certainly contact the YYE team and find out I know that you can now add funds to a PayPal account with one of the prepaid cards (I believe it’s the visa) and use PayPal in that fashion to insure you can purchase from any retailer that accpets PayPal.

Keep in mind d using PayPal in any form, give the fellas at yye a little longer the process the order, PayPal takes a little longer to confirm the funds are there.

That’s only true if you are doing an echeck if you are doing an Instant transfer or using funds from your PayPal account it is in the receivers account immediately no wait time.

I remember now, I got a $25 American Express gift card as a rebate on some tires. Had a hard time finding anyone who would take it, the same as their credit card. Ended up giving it to my daughter.