Help with payment

I plan to buy a yoyo and some accessories. I add stuff to my cart, add my info and choose shipping method and then when i arrive at payment i dont know how to use my (registered) Visa prepaid non-reloadable card…i think its a gift card as i bought and loaded the card at the point of sale, in a supermarket. Now i dont know which code i should put into the gift /discount card field and if its a credit card what should i put in the name on card field. PLEASE HELP!
Thanks :slight_smile:

i would think that when you bought/activated the card you choose a name to use for the card, so I would use that name.

I also think in this case you would use the visa card as a credit card, at least when I have been given a visa gift card as a gift I run it as a credit card in stores since its not that specific stores gift card which is what ‘gift card’ typically refers to.

If this doesn’t work, try seeing if you need to activate it online, and if all else fails there should be a contact number on the back of the card somewhere you could call.

good luck!

Just put your actual name and address down for you billing info. Don’t put anything for gift card or discounts( it’s for yye gift cards). When you get to shipping fill that out as to wherever you want it shipped. And when it asks for payment just fill it out like a normal credit card with your name. Trust me. I do it all the time. Works like a charm

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Leave it to Unkle Steve to go and complicate things.:nerd_face:


Yeah, if you have any questions about ordering/payment then just send us an email.