Do you feel offended by the release of Pokemon GO as a Yo-Yo'er?

Just a poll! :smiley:

Offended? not really. Im glad people are getting outside, but it seems that alot of these kids do not know HOW to be outside. Crosswalks, sidewalks, non-distracted driving, how to hang out with friends in real life, these things seem to be beyond them and I worry not only for their safety but also for the saftey of others.
As if texting ad driving wasnt bad enough, now we have super stupid drivers playing GO while they are driving. That makes me want to slap a b**** :o

Non offended…yoyos and pokemon - something that worked well together in the 90s for me :slight_smile:

I’m glad to see that it’s bringing people together (at least in my area). My brother and I set up a pokestop lure at a location by my house and had several people take notice both driving by and walking and they would stop by and hang out for that half hour (car parked in parking lot) while the pokemon lure was still active. Fortunately from what I’ve seen around here, haven’t ran into any problems.

Now I wonder if anyone’s brave enough to set up a lure module in an area where these racial protests have been happening (Dallas, Oakland, or any other cities that this has been happening…)…maybe people will set their differences aside and just go on a pokemon catching spree and then forget all about the protests :slight_smile:

Oh and…

Rare pokemon sighting on Interstate 880 in Oakland, CA… (Not really, just freeway protesters that became a Pokemon Go meme :slight_smile: )

Somebody set up a Facebook group for my city for everything pokemon related and almost like having yoyo club meets, they’re setting up pokemon meets at certain locations. Great time to pull out the yoyo (as long as nobody walks into your yoyo trick/path).

I never have and never will do Pokemon, it just doesn’t interest me. But, why would I be offended by it as a yoyoer?

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Am I missing something? What does a Pokemon game have to do with yo-yoing? Why would anyone feel ‘offended’ by the release of a Mobile-AR game?

What aspect of Pokemon Go do you feel has potential to cause offense to people who play with yoyos? Do you mean “are you a fan of Pokemon Go?”


–oops, on preview, Zorro beat me to it.

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I have no general discrepancy but it is funny to see people trying to hunt down the Pokemons. I’ll stop stirring…I got Shoe.

//end stir

All I ever really hope for out of any activity from Nintendo like this is that it is enough for them to make enough money to produce an updated Console with a better Mario Kart game.

im just upset by this post

In what way?

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All you gotta do is see the crap going down in Central Park last night and you can see how stupid this thing is…Just saying. One of the quote on quote “rare” pokemans appears and like 10,000 people jump on top of each other. All over a Vaporeon.

Still, it all makes me want to see if I could dig this up. It was like building a Megazord when there were 4 players, so many different connections you needed to make.

Well, I wouldn’t say I’m offended, I just find it really annoying how everyone on social media, you tube etc… is obsessed with it. I guess I can’t relate bec. I don’t find any interest in pokemon. :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, all those pokemon don’t actually exists so yeah…

It is not personally offensive but I do believe that the game is dangerous. Not sure if any of you guys know this but some robbers are playing the game and getting people in weird places so they can mug them, that kind of stuff really bothers me.

Plus this just means that more and more people are going to be playing on their stupid smart phones instead of spending time in the real world, with real family, real friends, and real opportunities to be a blessing to others.

Lots of other stuff about the game that I won’t go into on here, just Google Pokémon go ley lines? if you are interested

For real, the stupid is through the roof. IM rather against it and REALLY looking forward to this fad passing away. I almost had a biclyst hit ME cause the moron cant look around.

I hate this. I do not support this, and Id be happy to protest this madness.

pokemon NO!!!

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