Do you buy damaged in BST?

Do you only buy mint yoyos from the BST? Or little damage or a lot of damage? Just curious.

To me, I only buy mint.

Depends on the throw. I won’t by a scratched up protostar for $20 when I can get a new one for $25. If it’s something older and discontinued, I can take some damage. I’d be happy to take a knicked up OG Peak.

It usually doesn’t matter to me. Though I prefer to buy damaged since I can get it at a better price and I’ll probably end up damaging it anyways.

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If I used the bst I would.

I prefer buying damaged and bgrades.

Once the yoyo’s been damaged, it’s your baby :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t sell your baby.

If it only has a few pinpricks etc then I’ll take it.

There’s no such thing as “mint” but there’s near mint.

Yoyos you even buy directly from retailers have microscopic pin pricks and scratches that don’t break the ano.

A yoyo cannot stay mint forever. Buying damaged a bit just means they did the work for you!
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Agreed. If new throws came with dings I wouldn’t be afraid to throw them!

I would prefer the dings be by me, not a stranger though :stuck_out_tongue:

I normally look for the dinged throws that the owners thinks are ruined. Most of the time if I see the word mint in the title I won’t even open it.

Yeah, I’m like most of the people here. If it is cheaper by a lot then I’ll buy damaged, but if it’s mint or close and for a good price, I’ll just buy that. It’s all about whether or not the deal seems fair for the yoyo.

Depends on the yoyo and the damage, but, usually yes. Even though it is inevitable, the first ding or pinprick bothers me. If my “new” yoyo comes with love marks, I feel more liberated and relaxed about throwing it