Do not have a deal with Rabbadxs

Hi, sorry for my bad English, but i think you all need to know about that. As you may read i want to trade my yoyos for xbox 360. One day i saw thread of Rabbadxs where he was trading xbox 360 for yoyos. I wrote him message with offer and asked to send photos, hi just gave me video of his xbox 360. Then we have a deal about 4 yoyos for xbox 360, all was very good until at the last day when we was going to ship (by the way he agree to ship firs but he wanted me to ship straight after him) Such message came

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Someone gave me a better offer, so ya

Ok, i send him this message:
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You know, it is some kind of strange that you change your mind in last day. What does it mean - " …so ya"? You see before i have dealed with you i have offer from other guy and yesterday i have told him that i don’t have yoyos anymore. And what should i do next? Ok, if you really want i can give you all five yoyos. You see, now i have only one offer - with you, so what you say? Waiting for your reply

Ok, at the same day i have reply from him:
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Alright I am sorry I will accept the five yoyos as the offer. I will send the xbox today when I get home from school

I was thinking that all will be ok. But:
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I am deciding to sell my xbox on for cash

I was very angry and wrote him such message:
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I will not give you anymore stuff for your xbox. You see NORMAL people don’t do such things. First we have a deal, then you want more yoyos from me and tell me that you have better offers. Ok, i can give you yoyos - we have another deal. And now you telling me that you deciding to sell it on ebay. How old are you? Anyway if you was trying to take extra cash from me - i’m disagree. You see i give you very good offer for your xbox. Now, think twice. So, if you still want to sell your xbox - it is your decision, but please make sure, that you will be able to buy such yoyos after you sell your xbox. But, if you want to trade - i’m waiting for photos and tracking number. By the way - why don’t you come in MSN?

Then he came on MSN, tell me that he is sorry, and have said that he will ship on 25 of February…
I was hoping all will be good this time, but nooo:
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My father says I cannot ship across seas. He says it is fine if you ship first, I know I dont have feedback, but I swear if you ship I will ship.

It was some kind strange. In the first sentence it was said that he CANNOT ship across seas, BUT in the second sentence was said that if I will send 5 yoyos to a boy without any feedbacks, he WILL ship me xbox. It was very weird message. i have wrote him that if he won’t ship i tell this story on this forum, i get such message:
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That is very unfair, First. You saw the video of the Xbox and I was planning to send it to you. I asked my dad and he said that he wouldn’t let me send it.

By the way, forget to tell, all the time i was asking to see photos, and all the time he tell:“you have my video, what for you need photos?”
Anyway conclusion - I don’t have xbox, i broke down other offers while i was dealing with this kid. I’m not saying that he is scammer, just read this topic, and make your own decision to make a deal with him, or not.

sounds like a scammer

So basically you sent those five yoyos and you can’t take it back?

Did you send the yoyos already? I would have waited until one of you had a trade count but whatever. Granted what he did was against the unwritten rules, he didn’t do anything wrong, so I would say that this topic is unneeded, unless you did already send the yoyos and won’t be getting the Xbox.

Well, in fact i do not send yoyos to him. And i have feedbacks count on yoyonation. I didn’t say that he is scammer, but it was very fishy… I don’t know how the situation with scammer is on yoyoexpert forum, but at yoyonation there are a lot of fishy people - so even if i haven’t sent yoyos, i just tell you the story. It is your decision what to do next.

Good point. This does happen, so thanks for informing us. I’m sure it’ll help somebody out. :wink:

dont make a deal with him

Is this “advice” from personal experience or just from what the OP said? Just curious…

Umm… Yeah… That’s actually the point of this thread…