WTB/WTTF Rollerblades

(_Mitya_) #1

Good day to everyone. It is me again, “poor student” from Ukraine 
want to buy or to trade for a pair of good rollerblades. Size - 44.5 EUR              9,5-10 UK                  10,5-11 USA.  What i’ve got is:
TFL 88 Grooved edition - with a lot of dings, but still plays smooth (miracle)
Yoyofactory G.5 (aka G(point)5) - minty with hub-stacks
AERO Eagle (aka AODA Eagle SE) - MIB
I also have some NYYR stuff. Many psp’s games.
So waiting for your offers


Alright Are you trading all of those here is what I have
Xbox 360 (Bungie Edition Green)
Wireless adapter
2 Controllers (one green one black)
2 possible three games
halo 3, halo 3 odst, and possible call of duty 4
48 hour trial card

(_Mitya_) #5

Well the quantity of yoyos i’m willing to trade with you depends on condition of xbox. Waiting for photos.

(_Mitya_) #6

Rabbadxs, PMed you. Waiting for your answer.


My dad will not let me ship across seas, Please understand that I am not a scammer.


Mitya I am not shipping and stop pressuring me

(Justin the JeeJaw) #14

stop bumping every 2hr lol

(_Mitya_) #15

I’m sorry, my bad


Just inquiring, how much is the mighty flea?

(drumma/yoyo) #17

1 Xbox 360



(_Mitya_) #19

Don’t really understand what do you mean…)


he means that you want 1 xbox 360 for a mighty flea

(_Mitya_) #21

Well it will be nice ;). But in fact i will trade a lot of my yoyos for xbox 360 package… So offer, please



(Q) #25

What’s your deal?

(_Mitya_) #28

Thread changed. Offers?

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #38

I have a PSP with CFW and a new blue faceplate and 16GB Pro Duo that can hold about 14 games (15 if your lucky) I would rather have cash if you want one but I will trade for some yoyos. Can you make an offer of what is still on the table?

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