WTB/WTTF Rollerblades

Good day to everyone. It is me again, “poor student” from Ukraine 
want to buy or to trade for a pair of good rollerblades. Size - 44.5 EUR              9,5-10 UK                  10,5-11 USA.  What i’ve got is:
TFL 88 Grooved edition - with a lot of dings, but still plays smooth (miracle)
Yoyofactory G.5 (aka G(point)5) - minty with hub-stacks
AERO Eagle (aka AODA Eagle SE) - MIB
I also have some NYYR stuff. Many psp’s games.
So waiting for your offers

Alright Are you trading all of those here is what I have
Xbox 360 (Bungie Edition Green)
Wireless adapter
2 Controllers (one green one black)
2 possible three games
halo 3, halo 3 odst, and possible call of duty 4
48 hour trial card

Well the quantity of yoyos i’m willing to trade with you depends on condition of xbox. Waiting for photos.

Rabbadxs, PMed you. Waiting for your answer.

My dad will not let me ship across seas, Please understand that I am not a scammer.

Mitya I am not shipping and stop pressuring me

stop bumping every 2hr lol

I’m sorry, my bad

Just inquiring, how much is the mighty flea?

1 Xbox 360


Don’t really understand what do you mean…)

he means that you want 1 xbox 360 for a mighty flea

Well it will be nice ;). But in fact i will trade a lot of my yoyos for xbox 360 package… So offer, please


What’s your deal?

Thread changed. Offers?

I have a PSP with CFW and a new blue faceplate and 16GB Pro Duo that can hold about 14 games (15 if your lucky) I would rather have cash if you want one but I will trade for some yoyos. Can you make an offer of what is still on the table?