Do my eyes deceive me?


Don’t get your hopes up, I’m just curious: Weren’t you at one point, able to ‘thank you’ your own post? I thought I remember seeing this a while ago and now I don’t see it. Not that I planned on ‘thank you’-ing my own posts or anything steps back suspiciously


I have never noticed that.


It’s like liking your own status on Facebook. Pointless.


I know. I seriously didn’t want to thank one of my own status’ I just thought I remember seeing it in the past.


Nemyo had his signature which made it look like he’d thanked himself 4 times.


Nope. I don’t think that’s ever happened.


Could’ve been that, I dunno. I must have been mistaken :smiley:


That would be okay by me. They would mean nothing, same as they mean now. :smiley:

(WildCat23) #9

I used to have it in my sig too.