Follow members…?

I just noticed something…whenever someone gives a “Thank You” to someone’s post it is preceded by the line; “Follow members gave a thank to your post:”

Shouldn’t this read;

Fellow members gave a thanks to your post:”

No biggie. Always remember, no one wastes their time polishing a rotten apple.

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I think it means like:

The Following Members Gave a Thank You to This Post

As in, the members it says afterwords are the ones who thank-you’d the post

Okay, I’ll buy your explanation. That makes perfect sense.

So why can’t it just say it the way you said it? Was there a terrible drought this season and we are experiencing an alphabet shortage? Are we paying by the letter like the newspaper’s want ads so our budget requires we conserve on character usage? Maybe they all used to be there and the same hooligan who has been hacking in and using customer credit card info off this site made off with some of our forum text. That thief!

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Have you ever had a typo that you didn’t notice? I have. lol

I’ll let Andre know unless I can fix it.