do i want speed or metal?


Hello i need some help i cant decide on wether i should buy an m1 or a speeder will someone please help me ! i need the pros cons and please answer only if you have played em both thanks ;D

(Mark) #2

Well, the Speeder is really fast. But it feels awkward at first and it doesn’t seem too “solid” and doesn’t have as much control as a Speed Maker. Also, I think that it is prone to cracks at the bearing seat (though these don’t do anything to it). A pro is that the rims allow it to spin very well and it’s transition through tricks is very fast and comfortable. The Speeder is physically fast and it’s momentum in it’s swings is very nice.

If you have any more questions, ask me :wink:

(system) #3

for me speeder…
because it’s good also for learning tricks…
so “for me ONLY” speeder


get a flow groove M1



More Durable
Better for Grinding
Better Stock Bearing
Smaller Shape and Size
Better Thumb Grind Lip
Full Metal
Great for Chopsticks


you will love the m1, perfect metal yoyo, it is cheap and will spin long, and comes with a 10 ball bearing. speeder is Good, but is prone to cracks.


The m1 seems to be really speedy,and higher quality than the speedr,so you will like that more. :wink: