Do Combos/Tricks Look Better Than They Seem?

So I’ve been watching a million times more combo tutorials from all different people around Youtube because my talent show is coming up and I don’t want to make up my own combo’s for the talent show. So as I have been watching all of these combos by all different people, I notice that combos are a lot more simple than I thought. I realized that all combos are are a series of very basic “moves” put together such as underpassing, overpassing, wrapping strings around other strings, etc etc. Obviously its a lot harder than just that, but that seems to “wrap everything up” quite nicely. HAHA (Yes pun intended ;D) And that got me thinking. Do combos look better than they seem to as you are making them up? Do they look better when you are performing it at a normal speed as opposed to 1 step every few seconds/minutes?

I think they do look better performing at normal speed because it’s just a bit more fluid and less jumpy/clunky.


Yeah. Normal speed is perfect. I like to speed up or slow down to emphasize certain parts. It’s no worries. I’ve done the last 2 talent shows at my high school and it’s nbd. The people love it.

Depends on the trick/combo for me…

You kinda have to slow down the trick for people to appreciate it. Then do generic combos quickly. This is the way you get your audience “riled” up. Oh, and good point. Tricks are generally harder than they look (unless they look easy lol)

I would say simple combos would go nice at a fast pace, now don’t go Asian on them :D, but fast makes it look more complex than it is. Now, if it is a nice flowy combo, then go normal speed, and as previously stated try to slow down to emphasize a certain banger, just to make it look more flashy. Well good luck in the talent show.

Not all combos are this way. Just the more simple ones. Combos are any number of tricks (advanced, or simple) put together into one long “trick”.

for a talent show, i think slow is better. not only will you make the tricks more cleanly, but the audience will be able to see what you are doing as well. if you go excessively fast, the will just think you are swinging the yoyo around.

some combos look more complex than they are, while some are seemingly simple, but have subtle movements that you can’t see.