combo tutorials

i was just watching a video and saw the players go from a boingeboinge to a zipper to transition into something else i dont know the name for. it occurs to me that there are tons of tuts available for individual tricks but none that i know of where we are shown how put some of the more common tricks together in a combo or how to to transition into other tricks.

does anyone know of any tuts for multi trick combos? any of the experts wanna share some of their favs?

I don’t know of any but I think they do that because when you out your own combos together that is what we call your style. Like say my style is rather smooth and swinging but if I try popping tricks I am about as rough as sand paper. But that is a good idea, if ever can get to where I can make good vids I will try that out. Later.

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This is how to make combos:


This might help.