DM2 spacers


So my DM2 is responsive and it’s keeping me from using it. Not that it is unplayable, but I find it too grippy. I’ve already tried using flowable silicone to make a concave response, and it still is too grippy. If I put spacers in would it make it less responsive? I want it to be similar to the dv888


Spacers should help a bit. I’d just give the flowable a bit more time to break in.



Clearly you and I are doing different tricks. :wink: I don’t have the DM2 accidentally binding, and I’m just using stock response and the Speed bearing. But I think the most wraps I throw into the gap are during a ripcord or Lindy Loop, so there’s that…


It doesn’t shoot back up, I just prefer to have more cushion in my binds. I use silicone response with a terrapin X wing.


Looking at the bearing seat, I really don’t think spacers or shims will work.

Look at the bearing seat. It’s about the thickness of a YYJ shim.

They worked on the older YYJ models because the nub the bearing sat on was much longer.


So I would have to deepen the recess?


What string are you using? What bearing is in there? How old is the yoyo?

Maybe use a thinner string? I dislike Metz string, it’s too thick for my preferences. I like the more standard Type 6 thicknesses. That’s just me. If my throw isn’t perfect or I’m a bit sloppy, that thick string rubs the response and suddenly I’m dodging plastic, metal or plastic and metal, delrin, or whatever the heck the yoyo is made from.

The bearing may need cleaning. I’ve had this fix a great many yoyos with this kind of problems. Sometimes cleaning the bearing resolves it, sometimes it’s because the bearing is bad and needs to be replaced. You have addressed the bearing, but even so, sometimes even new Terrapin X bearings need a little bit of acetone to smooth things out.

I have 3 DM2’s, all run fine. I’ve swapped all their bearings out for Terrapin X Wing Cut bearings, but that’s not a plug, it’s what I’ve done so they are all consistent. I’ve had good results with most stock bearings in YYJ yoyos. My Kickside, Speed Maker, Pinnacle and Lyn Fury needed the bearings cleaned and now they rock!

Lastly, so many people who silicone their yoyos fail to remove the bearing. Did you forget to remove the bearing? Did you clean out the bearing seat and bearing recess in case you got silicone in there? I siliconed my DM2 and I got some silicone in the bearing recess. I let the silicone cure, then removed the silicone from the areas I didn’t want it. DM2 played fine.

Those are my guesses. Hopefully something may apply for you.


No, you would have to totally redo the bearing seat - got a lathe etc.??? Check the stuff Studio42 says. Either you have a bad throw or your yoyo is somehow messed up. Numerous people use the DM2 w/o the problems you describe.