DM2 problems

I noticed that after I do some tricks, the axle seems to unscrew itself little by little…
Also I’m using expert strings, and no matter how hard I bind, it won’t come back up, any solutions to either of these??

The only thing I think we can tell you to do with the axle is just to screw the yoyo together tightly. Just put the yoyo in your hands with your palms flat. Twist the yoyo in your palms until it starts slipping in your palms, and that’s tight enough.
When you bind, make sure that you’re pinching the string with your left hand; it helps. Are you throwing it to the front or to the side?

Replace left hand with non-throw hand. Just taking precautions to clear up any confusion.

Your response may be wearing out… You may need new response pads. When did you get your DM2 and hiw often do you play with it?

Got it yesterday, and I bind infront.
Tips on bonding in the front?

Yep. Just make sure to have your right hand (or whatever hand you have the string on) in the back, and the hand without the string on it in front pinching the string. Bring the string down, and you should feel the yoyo grab it. If you bring the string down, and you feel that grabby feel, you have done a bind. If you can do that, just work on it a little. Let me know if this helps.